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Checklist of the Genus Boiga (Serpentes: Colubridae)

Containing at the moment 106 pictures of 35 out of 45 species and subspecies

Dieses Dokument ist noch nicht in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

At the moment 34 species of the genus Boiga are valid in Asia. Several taxa were described within the last years. Some species-groups are in urgent need of review. Sometimes the two African species Boiga blandingi and Boiga pulverulentus are included in the genus Boiga, they are not considered here, jet.

At some species taxonomic comments are added, if the author thinks it is appropriate to point out scientific deficiencies. This page is created in cooperation with the Reptile-Database Both checklists will be harmonised on a regularly base. Beside this I try to point out the newest trends and progressions (as far as they are known to me). This is beyond the aims of the EMBL reptile database. Comments, especially of taxonomic nature are welcome, as are given pictures.

This checklist is no review, so it is possible that it contains mistakes or discrepancies.

Please take care of the copyright of the pictures

Boiga Fitzinger

Boiga Fitzinger, 1826: 29 & 60.
Placed on the Official list of generic names in zoology (no number given) (I.C.Z.N., 1986. Opinion 1374) - Type species. - Coluber irregularis Bechstein, 1802, by subsequent designation (Cope,1860: 264).

0. Boiga spec. nov.
Boiga spec. nov

Terra typica: none jet

Distribution: Indonesia

Taxonomic comment: a new species of his genus, jet undescribed

[photo 1]    [photo 2]   
1. Boiga andamanensis (Wall, 1909)
Dipsadomorphus andamanensis F. Wall, 1909, Rec. Indian Mus., 3: 153.

Terra typica: Andaman Islands.

Distribution: Andaman Islands, India.

Taxonomic comment: The relationships of the group around Boiga ceylonenis / Boiga beddomei / Boiga nuchalis / Boiga andamanensis are not fully worked out, see Smith, 1943 for a discussion in detail

[photo 1]    [photo 2]    [photo 3]
2. Boiga angulata (Peters, 1861)
Dipsas (Dipsadomorphus) angulata W. C. H. Peters, 1861, Mber. Königl. Akad. Wiss. Berlin, 1861: 688-689.

Terra typica: Leyte Island.

Distribution: Philippine Islands: Catanduanes, Leyte, Luzon, Mindanao, Negros, Polillo.

Taxonomic comment: this is a species of the B. drapiezii complex. The whole complex is in urgent need of review
3. Boiga barnesi (Günther, 1869)
Dipsas barnesi A. Günther, 1869, Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 1869: 506.

Terra typica: Ceylon (= Sri Lanka).

Distribution: Sri Lanka.

[photo 1]    [photo 2 female]    [photo 3]
4. Boiga beddomei (Wall, 1909)
Dipsadomorphus beddomei F. Wall, 1909, Rec. Ind. Mus., 3: 152.

Terra typica: Ceylon (= Sri Lanka) and Western Ghats

Distribution: Sri Lanka; Southern India (Western Ghats).

Taxonomic comments:
1.) some authors only name Ceylon as terra typica. In his description Wall, 1909 mentioned also specimens from the Western Ghats that must be regarded as syntypes.
2.) Boiga ranawanei Samarawickrama, Samarawickrama, Wijesena & Orlov, 2006 (2005) was shown to be a synonym of Boiga beddomei (Manamendra-Arachchi & Pethiyagoda, 2007)
More comments see under Boiga andamanensis

[photo 1]    [photo 2]    [photo 3]    [photo 4]
5. Boiga bengkuluensis Orlov, Kudryavtzev, Ryabov & Shumaov, 2003
Boiga bengkuluensis N. Orlov, S.V. Kudryavtzev, S.A. Ryabov & O.V. Shumanov, Russ. J. Herpet. 10: 34.

Terra typica: Rejiang (region around Curup and Kapahiang towns) Rejianglebong Prefecture, Bengkulu Province, Sumatra, Indonesia.

Distribution: According to the authors known from the type locality and southern Thailand.

[photo 1]    [photo 2]
6. Boiga bourreti Tillack, Ziegler & Quyet, 2004
Boiga bourreti F. Tillak, T. Ziegler & L.K. Quyet, Sauria 26(4): 4.

Terra typica: Nordwestlich des Phong Nha-Ke Band Nationalparks, Minh Hoa Distrikt, Quang Binh Provinz, Vietnam.

Distribution: Known from the type locality only.

[photo 1 The only known specimen]   
7. Boiga ceylonensis (Günther, 1858)
Dipsadomorphus ceylonensis A. Günther, 1858, Cat. Col. Sn. Brit. Mus., London, III: 176.

Terra typica: Ceylon (= Sri Lanka).

Distribution: Sri Lanka; India (Western Ghats).

Taxonomic comment: see under Boiga andamanensis
Some authors list this species erroneously from the Andaman Islands

[photo 1]    [photo 2]    [photo 3]    [photo 4]    [photo 5]    [photo 6]   
8. Boiga cyanea (Duméril, Bibron & Duméril, 1854)
Triglyphodon cyaneum A.-M.-C. Duméril, G. Bibron and A.-H.-A. Duméril, 1854, Erpetol. Gen. Paris, 7(2): 1079 - 1080.

Terra typica: Not given.

Distribution: Vietnam; Cambodia; Laos; Thailand; West-Malaysia; Myanmar; eastern India; Bhutan; Bangladesh; China.

[photo 1 juvenile]    [photo 2 ]    [photo 3]    [Kaziranga national park, Assam.jpg]
9. Boiga cynodon (Boie, 1827)
Dipsas cynodon F. Boie, 1827, Isis von Oken, 1827: 549.

Terra typica: Sumatra.

Distribution: Indonesia Nias, Mentawai Islands, Sumatra, Riau Archipelago, Bangka, Billiton, Borneo, Java, Bali, Sumbawa, Flores; Malaysia (West and Borneo); Singapore; Myanmar; Cambodia; Thailand; eastern India; Philippine Islands: Basilan, Culion, Leyte, Luzon, Mindanao, Palawan, Polillo.

Taxonomic comment: there are several colour varieties of this species. Most of these are not taxonomical units. Nethertheless some populations show specific colouration

[photo 1 normal form]    [photo 2 normal form]    [photo 3 normal form]    [photo 4 juvenile colouration]    [photo 5 brown variation]    [photo 6 brown variation]    [photo 7 yellow variation]
10. Boiga dendrophila dendrophila (Boie, 1827)
Dipsas dendrophila F. Boie, 1827, Isis von Oken, 1827 : 549.

Terra typica: Java.

Distribution: Java.

Taxonomic comment: There is a form with white bands instead of yellow ones (see photo 2). This form is also different in other aspects. It might warrent subspecific status (Vogel, 2000)

[photo 1]    [photo 2 white variation]    [photo 3 white variation]    [photo 4 white variation newborn]
10a. Boiga dendrophila annectens (Boulenger, 1896)
Dipsadomorphus dendrophilus var. annectens G. A. Boulenger, 1896: 71.

Terra typica: Borneo.

Distribution: Borneo.

Taxonomic comment: I doubt this form is different from B. d. dendrophila

[photo 1]    [photo 2]    [photo 3]   
10b. Boiga dendrophila divergens Taylor, 1922
Boiga dendrophila divergens E. H. Taylor, 1922, Monogr. Bureau Sci. Manila, 16 : 201.

Terra typica: Mount Makiling, Laguna Province, Luzon (Philippines).

Distribution: Philippine Islands: Luzon, Polillo.

[photo 1]    [photo 2]
10c. Boiga dendrophila gemmicincta (Duméril, Bibron & Duméril, 1854)
Trigliphodon gemmi-cinctumA.-M.-C. Duméril, G. Bibron and A.-H.-A. Duméril, 1854, Erpetol. Gen. Paris, 7(2) : 1091.

Terra typica: Sulawesi, Indonesia and Manila, Philippines

Distribution: Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Taxonomic comment: 1.) Brongersma 1934 restricted the terra typica to Sulawesi without choosing a neotype or lectotype, so this terra typica is not restricted according to the code of nomenclature. The syntypes origin from different places: 5 specimen origin from Sulawesi, one from Manila. Both places have to be regarded as type localities.
2.) I think this form might be different on specific level (Vogel, 2000)

[photo 1]    [photo 2]    [photo 3 female with eggs]    [photo 4]    [photo 5]   
10d. Boiga dendrophila latifasciata (Boulenger, 1896)
Dipsadomorphus dendrophilus var. latifasciatus G. A. Boulenger, 1896, Catalogue of the snakes in the British Museum Nat. Hist. London, Vol. 3: 71-72.

Terra typica: Zamboangra and Butuan on Mindanao (Philippines).

Distribution: Philippine Islands: Mindanao, Samar. Taxonomic comment: 1.) Most authors give the type locality only as Mindanao (see Vogel, 2000)
2.) This form might warrant specific rank
10e. Boiga dendrophila levitoni Gaulke, Demegillo & Vogel, 2005
Boiga dendrophila levitoni Gaulke, Demegillo & Vogel, 2005, herpetofauna, Weinstadt, 25 (143): 5-16.

Terra typica: Sitio Batiw, Barangay Badiangan, municipality Pandan, provinz Antique, Panay, Philippines.

Distribution: Philippine Islands: Panay Island.

[photo 1]    [photo 2]   
10f. Boiga dendrophila melanota (Boulenger, 1896)
Dipsadomorphus dendrophilus var. B (var. melanotus Bleeker) G. A. Boulenger, 1896, Catalogue of the snakes in the British Museum Nat. Hist. London, Vol. 3: 71.

Terra typica: not given

Distribution: Thailand; West Malaysia; Singapore; Indonesia (eastern Sumatra, Riau Archipelago, Bangka, Billiton); Cambodia; Vietnam.

Taxonomic comment: Brongersma, 1934 restricted the terra typica to East Coast of Sumatra without choosing a neotype or lectotype, so this terra typica is not restricted according to the code of nomenclature. The syntypes origin from a number of different places: Kedah, Pinang, Singapore, Sumatra, West coast of Sumatra.

[photo 1]    [juvenile]    [leucystic]    [photo 4]    [photo 5 Redang Island Malaysia]   
10g. Boiga dendrophila multicincta (Boulenger, 1896)
Dipsadomorphus dendrophilus var. multicinctus G. A. Boulenger, 1896, Catalogue of the snakes in the British Museum Nat. Hist. London, Vol. 3: 71.

Terra typica: Philippine Islands

Distribution: Philippine Islands: Balabac, Palawan.

Taxonomic comment: Brongersma, 1934 restricted the terra typica to Puerto Princesa, Palawan without choosing a neotype or lectotype, so this terra typica is not restricted according to the code of nomenclature. The syntypes origin from a number of different places: Puerto Princess, Palawan (no exact locality) and Philippines. So the Philippine islands have to be listed as terra typica.

[photo 1]    [photo 1]    [photo 3, Thanks to M.Lutz]    [photo 4, Thanks to M.Lutz]
10i. Boiga dendrophila occidentalis Brongersma, 1934
Boiga dendrophila occidentalis Brongersma, 1934, Zool. Meded. Leiden, 17(3/4): 211.

Terra typica: Nias.

Distribution: Indonesia (Nias, Pulau Babi, Batu Islands, Western Sumatra).

[photo 1]    [photo 2]
11. Boiga dightoni (Boulenger, 1894)
Dipsas dightoni G. A. Boulenger, 1894, I Bombay Nat. Hist. Soc., VIII: 528.

Terra typica: Peermad (= Pirmed), Travancore Hills; 3300 feet.

Distribution: Kerala State, southern India.
12. Boiga drapiezii (Boie, 1827)
Dipsas drapiezii H. Boie in F. Boie, 1827, Isis von Oken, 20(10): 549.

Terra typica: Java.

Distribution: Thailand; Malaysia (West Malaysia and Borneo); Singapore; Indonesia: Java, Mentawai Islands, Sumatra, Natuna Islands, Borneo. [Amboina Taylor, 1965:868], Philippine Islands (Sulu Archipelago)

Taxonomic comment: the whole Boiga drapiezii complex is in urgent need of clarification. There are surely more forms under this name. Some colour variations, not geographically correlated make the problems more complex. One subspecies has been described (B. d. bancana, Peters, 1867), but is not regarded as valid at the moment. The author started a review of this complex. Major changes are expected. Co-workers are welcome.

[photo 1 mainland form]    [photo 2 mainland form]    [photo 3 Java Form]    [photo 4 juvenile green form]    [photo 5 brown mainland variation]    [photo 6 brown mainland variation]
13. Boiga flaviviridis Vogel & Ganesh, 2013
Boiga flaviviridis Vogel and Ganesh, 2013, Zootaxa, 3637(2): 158-168.

Terra typica: Berhampore, state of Orissa, India.

Distribution: dry forest areas of eastern Peninsular India, from Berhampore near River Mahanadi, Orissa in the northeast, through Sriharikota Island and also Udayagiri hills, both present in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh state, westwards to Kaigal in southern Eastern Ghats, in Chittoor / Bangalore border in the southwest.

[photo 1]    [photo 2]       
14. Boiga forsteni (Duméril, Bibron & Duméril, 1854)
Trigliphodon forsteni A.-M.-C. Duméril, G. Bibron and A.-H.-A. Duméril, 1854, Erpetol. Gen. Paris, 7(2): 1077-1078.

Terra typica: Unknown.

Distribution: Sri Lanka; southern and eastern India; south-eastern Nepal.

[photo 1 Black form]    [photo 2 Red form]    [photo 3]    [photo 4]    [photo 5]    [photo 6]
15. Boiga fusca fusca (Gray, 1842)
Dendrophis fusca J. F. Gray, 1842, Zool. Miscellany, London: 54.

Terra typica: Port Essington, Northern Territory (Australia).

Distribution: Northern Territory and Queensland (with the exception of the valleys of the basin of Victoria River) eastward to the western coast of Cape York Peninsula (Australia); New Guinea.

[photo 1]
15a. Boiga fusca ornata (Macleay, 1888)
Dipsas ornata W. Maclcay, 1888, Proc. Linn. Soc., 2(3): 416.

Terra typica: Vicinity of King´s Sound (Western Australia).

Distribution: From Western Australia and Victoria River to Northern Territory.

Taxonomic comment: These two taxa are not regarded as valid by many herpetologists. They are often treated as synonyms of Boiga irregularis.
16. Boiga gokool (Gray, 1834)
Dipsas gokool J. E. Gray, 1834, Illustrations of Indian zoology: pl. 83

Terra typica: Bengal.

Distribution: India (southern Sikkim, Bengal, Assam); Bangladesh; Bhutan ?
[photo 1]    [photo 2]   
17. Boiga guangxiensis Wen, 1998
Boiga guangxiensis Y. T. Wen, 1998, Sichuan J. Zool., 17(2): 51.

Terra typica: Longgang Nature Reserve, Longzhou City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China.

Distribution: Southern China (Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region); northern and central Vietnam, Laos.

Taxonomic comment: This species is under investigation of our group, a publication will follow in 2005

[photo 1]    [photo 2]
18. Boiga hoeseli Ramadhan, Iskandar & Subasri, 2010
Boiga hoeseli Ramadhan, Iskandar and Subasri, 2010, Asian Herp. Res., 1(1): 22.

Terra typica: Larantuka, Flores, Indonesia.

Distribution: Nusa Tenggara Islands (Alor, Flores, Komodo, Lombok, Sumbawa), Indonesia.

Taxonomic comment: There is no doubt about the validity of this newly described species

[photo 1]    [photo 2]    [photo 3]    [photo 4]   
19. Boiga irregularis (Merrem, 1802)
Coluber irregularis Merrem in Bechstein, 1802, Uebers. Lacep., 4: 239.

Terra typica: Unknown.

Distribution: Indonesia (Kai Islands, Goram, Ceram, Ambon, Burn, Sula, Sulawesi, Sangihe, Halmahera, Morotai, Ternate, Batjan, Salawati, Am Islands, Misool, Schouten Islands); New Guinea; Solomon Islands; eastern Australia.

Taxonomic comment: I´m convinced, that there is a second cryptic species hidden under this name, being much larger und tamer than B. irregularis

[photo 1]    [photo 2]    [photo 3]    [photo 4 species close to B. irregularis]    [photo 5 B. irregularis photographed on Guam] [photo 6 B. cf irregularis from Sulawesi, possibly new species]
20. Boiga jaspidea (Dumeril, Bibron & Dumeril, 1854)
Triglyphodon jaspideum A.-M.-C. Dumeril, G. Bibron and A.-H.-A. Dumeril, 1854, Erpetol. Gen. Paris, 7(2): 1093.

Terra typica: Java.

Distribution: Thailand; West Malaysia; Singapore; Penang Island; Indonesia (Nias, Mentawai Islands, Sumatra, Bangka, Borneo, Java).

[photo 1]    [photo 2]    [photo 3]   
21. Boiga kraepelini Stejneger, 1902
Boiga kraepelini L. Stejneger 1902, Proc. Biol. Soc. Washington, 15: 15 - 17.

Terra typica: Kelung, Formosa (= Taiwan).

Distribution: China (Taiwan, Hainan, Fujian, Guangsi, Guangdong, Guizhou and Sichuan); Vietnam; apparently, it also occurs in adjoining with Vietnam regions of Laos on the mountain-ridge Annam.

Taxonomic comment: Boiga multitemporalis Bourret, 1935 was recently set in the synonymy of this species (Vogel, 1996).

[photo 1]    [photo 2]    [photo 3]    [photo 4]
22. Boiga multifasciata (Blyth, 1860)
Dipsas multifasciata B. Blyth, 1860, J. Asiat. Soc. Bengal, 29: 114.

Terra typica: Subathu, Simla (Western Himalayas, India).

Distribution: The Himalayas Region in northern and eastern India; Nepal; Bhutan.

Taxonomic comment: The year of description of this species in often written as 1861, on the publication itself is written the year 1860, as it is issue no 1 of this year, I do not think it was published in the following year and 1860 is the correct year of publication.

[photo 1]    [photo 2]   
23. Boiga multomaculata (Boie, 1827)
Dipsas multomaculata F. Boie, 1827, Isis von Oken, 20(10) : 549.

Terra typica: Java.

Distribution: Bangladesh; Cambodia; India; Laos; Malaysia (Malaya); Myanmar; China (including Hainan); Singapore; Thailand; Vietnam, Indonesia (Sumatra?, Java).

Taxonomic comment: 1.) This species is often listed for Borneo and Sulawesi. It does not occur on these islands (Malkmus et. al, 2002; Lang & Vogel in prep.)
2.) There is considerable geographic variation in this species, but at the moment, no subspecies are regarded as valid

[photo 1]    [photo 2]    [photo 3 newborn animal]    [photo 4]    [photo 5]
24. Boiga nigriceps nigriceps (Günther, 1863)
Dipsas nigriceps A. Günther, 1863, Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., 3(12): 359.

Type locality East Indies.

Distribution: Thailand; Malaysia (Malay Peninsula and Borneo); Indonesia (Simalur, Nias, Sumatra, Borneo, Java, Mentawei Archipelago).

[photo 1]    [photo 2]    [photo 3 Juvenile]    [photo 4 Juvenile]    [photo 5]
24a. Boiga nigriceps brevicauda Smith, 1926
Boiga nigriceps brevicauda Smith, 1926, Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., 9(18): 79.

Terra typica: Siberut Island, Mentawai Islands.

Distribution: Siberut, Sipora (Indonesia).

Taxonomic comment: In Orlov & Ryabov, 2002 this species is listed under the name Boiga nigriceps brevicaudata, probably a typographical error

[photo 1]    [photo 2]
25. Boiga nuchalis (Günther, 1875)
Dipsas nuchalis A. Günther, 1875, Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 1875: 233.

Terra typica: West coast of India (West Gates).

Distribution: India; southern Nepal.

Taxonomic comment: see under Boiga andamanensis

[photo 1]    [photo 2]   
26. Boiga ochracea ochracea (Günther, 1868)
Dipsas ochraceus A. Günther, 1868, Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., 4(1): 425.

Terra typica: Pegu.

Distribution: eastern India; Bangladesh; Myanmar, Andaman Islands (India).

[photo 1]    [photo 2]    [photo 3 Juvenile]    [photo 4 Juvenile]   
26a. Boiga ochracea stoliczkae (Wall, 1909)
Dipsadomorphus stoliczkae Wall, 1909, Rec. Ind. Mus. 3: 155.

Terra typica: neighbourhood of Darjeeling (northern West Bengal, India).

Distribution: Nepal; Bhutan, northern India [Darjeeling (West Bengal) and Sikkim]

Taxonomic comments: 1.) According to Das (1999), this species lives on the Andaman Islands, but not on the Nicobar Islands as pointed out by other authors.
1.b) the form living on the Andamans should be the southern form, in the nomenclature applied above: Boiga o. ochracea, not the subspecies B. o. stoliczkae as mentioned by some authors.
2.) Some authors name three subspecies of this species.This is clearly an error as we have a northern and a southern form. However at the moment it is not totally clear, which name should be regarded as valid. So I prefer the older name here, but further investigation might show that Smith´s combination of names (ocrachea in the South, walli in the north) should be applied.
3.) The subspecies occurring in Bhutan should be the northern form Boiga ochracea stoliczkae. I received pictures from Bangladesh which seem to show the nominate form, as defined here (Thanks to Suprio Chakma), but it is possible that both forms do occur there.
4.) Some authors give the wrong citation for the description of Dipsadomorphus stoliczkae and most recent authors do not correctly give the type locality, which is the "neighbourhood of Darjeeling" as cited in Wall, 1909 in the Records of the Indian Museum.

Personal comment: The situation is not very satisfying, as I´m not convinced by the arguments of Wall (1909), Smith (1943) or Kramer (1977). New material always helps clarifying a situation, but in this case I have the feeling, the available material has not been worked out.

These picture most probably show the subspecies stoliczkae. They were taken in "Eaglenest"

[photo 1]    [photo 2]    [photo 3]    [photo 4]    [photo 5]   
27. Boiga philippina (Peters, 1867)
Dipsas philippina W. Peters, 1867, Monatsb. Akad. Wiss. Berlin, 1867: 27.

Terra typica: Ylaces (= Ilocos Province, Luzon Island).

Distribution: Philippine Islands: Luzon. Taxonomic comment: this is a species of the B. drapiezii complex. The whole complex is in urgent need of review

[photo 1]   
28. Boiga quincunciata (Wall, 1908)
Dipsadomorphus quincunciatus F. Wall, 1908, J. Bombay Nat. Hist. Soc., 18: 272.

Terra typica: Tinsukia, Assam (India).

Distribution: Burma; eastern India.

[photo 1]    [photo 2]
29. Boiga saengsomi Nutaphand, 1985
Boiga saengsomi W. Nutphand, 1985, Thai Zool. Center of Bangkok, Booklet 1: 1 -6.

Terra typica: Amphoe Sikao, Trang Province, 60 km west of Amphoe Muang Trang, 170 m above see level (Thailand).

Distribution: Trang and Krabi Provinces in southern Thailand.

[photo 1]   
30. Boiga schultzei Taylor, 1923
Boiga schultzei E. H. Taylor, 1923, Philip.J. Sci., 22: 552.

Terra typica: Palawan Island (Philippines).

Distribution: Philippine Islands: Palawan.

Taxonomic comment: 1.) this is a species of the B. drapiezii complex. The whole complex is in urgent need of review
2.) some authors regard this form as a subspecies of Boiga drapiezii
31. Boiga siamensis Nootpand, 1971
Boiga siamensis W. Nootpand, 1971, Poisonous Snakes of Thailand : 60.

Terra typica restricta (Pauwels et al., 2005): Sakaerat, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand.

Distribution: Thailand; Laos; southern Vietnam, Cambodia; Myanmar; Bangladesh; Northeast India.

Taxonomic comment: This species was called Boiga ocellata until recently, see Pauwels et al. 2005 for an explanation.

[photo 1]    [photo 2]    [photo 3]
32. Boiga tanahjampeana Orlov & Ryabov, 2002
Boiga tanahjampeana N. Orlov & S.A. Ryabov, 2002, Russ. J. Herp., 9: 34.

Terra typica: Tanahjampea island, Sulawesi Selatan Province, Indonesia

Distribution: only known from the terra typica

[photo 1]    [photo 2]    [photo 3]
33. Boiga trigonata trigonata (Schneider, 1802)
Coluber trigonatus Schneider in Bechstein, 1802: 256.

Terra typica: Vizagapatam.

Distribution: Sri Lanka; India; Pakistan; Nepal; Bhutan; Bangladesh.

[photo 1]    [photo 2]    [photo 3, Sri Lanka form]
33a. Boiga trigonata melanocephala (Annandale, 1904)
Dipsadomorphus trigonata melanocephalus N. Annandale, 1904, J Asiatic Soc. Bengal, 73(5):

Terra typica: Perso-Baluch frontier [= border between Baluchistan Province (northwestern Pakistan) and Iran].

Distribution: Iran, Afganistan, Turkmenistan, Tadzikistan, Uzbekistan, west part of Pakistan.
34. Boiga wallachi Das, 1998
Boiga wallachi I. Das, 1998, J. South Asian Nat. Hist., 3(1): 60.

Terra typica: Kopen Heat (= Dakoank), 06°48´N; 93°41´E, Great Nicobar Island (= Sambelong), Bay of Bengal, India.

Distribution: Nicobar Islands.

Taxonomic comment: Orlov & Ryabov (2002) listed the Andaman Islands in the distribution of this species
[photo 1]   

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